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Jetabroad Customer Support

As Jetabroad is an Online Travel Agency please ensure all requests, urgent or otherwise, are made via our online form below which is monitored every day to ensure your request is serviced quickly and accurately.

If your travel is within the next 48-hours, or your journey has already commenced, you must contact the local airline office for any change requests.

What type of support do you require?

To make this request, please go to Manage Booking

Passenger Name Correction Request

Due to increased airline security, passenger names on tickets must match passport details. Its best to complete this short form with your instructions.

Please note:

  • The name on your travel document (passport) must match the name on your ticket at all times.
  • Middle names are required for itineraries involving travel to USA.
  • Most airlines do not allow name changes. Name corrections may be allowed at a fee.
  • To help us check with the airline if a name correction is required or allowed, please attach a copy of your passport and send us an email.
  • If the required change is in your Surname, due to a change of your marital status, please attach a copy of your marriage certificate as well.

Update Contact Details

Use this form if your contact details have changed since you made your booking.

Connecting City Accommodation Request

Please use this form when you are requesting accommodation where the airline has an overnight connection.

Passport Information

Please use this form when we have asked you to send your Passport Information.

Add Infant/Child To Booking Request

Please use this form if you wish to add a new born infant or child to your booking. We will advise via email any airline costs and request your authority to proceed with the addition.

Flight Booking Question


Should you need to call us, please click here


PO Box 696
Chatswood NSW 2057



Name Correction

Due to ticketing methods, Customs/Immigration requirements and reasons of security, airlines require that the passenger names on the ticket are identical to those in the passport. Airlines will refuse boarding due to name errors.

The process of correcting the name provided in the booking (and therefore reflected on your ticket) is governed by the individual airline’s policy and the multiple steps involved are then processed by Jetabroad. Unfortunately, name corrections do not follow common sense - Jetabroad is not permitted to re-open a ticket and edit the name provided. In many cases, the airline requires a process involving the cancellation of the original ticket(s) and the issuance of new ticket(s).

The cost to process a name correction will include the airline change fee plus any applicable fare and tax differences (if a new ticket is required) and a Jetabroad fee of AUD$150 per ticket.

Please note, Jetabroad does not modify the names provided during the online booking process. Ticket creation, including passenger names, is an automated process based on the information provided by the person booking. All inputs are recorded in our system files, including a record of the checkbox ticked to confirm names provided exactly match the passenger's passport when booking.

You can use this form to provide the details of the name change request. By clicking 'Continue', you authorise Jetabroad to review the airline conditions and to charge the credit card used to make your booking the cost to make the necessary name correction. Alternatively, you can return to the 'Help page' and instead, request a cancellation.

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